<center><color>IF IT DOESN'T CHALLENGE YOU IT DOESN'T CHANGE YOU!</color><center> <center><color>A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP!</color><center> <center><color>YOUR BODY CAN DO ANYTHING... IT'S YOUR BRAIN YOU HAVE TO CONVINCE!</color><center> <center><color>YOU ARE NEVER TO OLD TO SET A NEW GOAL OR TO DREAM A NEW DREAM.</color><center> <center> <color>GET IN SHAPE...FOR THE BIG DAY.</color><center> <center><color>THE BEST WAY TO GET YOUR BABY HEALTHY IS TO KEEP YOURSELF HEALTHY.</color><center>


Personal Fitness Trainer Brooklyn and NYC



    • In-Home Training & studio
    • Certified- Ace, Nasm, Ecits, Pre/Post Natal Fitness, ISCA (Boxing)
    • 17 Years Experience
    • Clients ranging from 16 to 75 years
    • Works with clients with medical concerns

For over 17 years Mark Darco has successfully helped teach, coach and motivate hundreds of people to achieve a life of fitness and wellness. Mark is an author for the New York City Transit Magazine, has numerous certifications and has attended an extensive number of workshops which include nutrition, pre/ post natal fitness and developing exercise programs for mature adults. His clients range from 16 to 75 years including those with particular medical concerns such as asthma, arthritis and diabetes. Mark is committed and focused on helping people live a more vibrant, healthy life.


Personal Training

personal trainer brooklyn, nycDon’t pay another gym fee. Forget about the crowds. Leave the bad techno music behind. No matter how small your apartment or building gym, I will create a corner for fitness. Get fitter, faster. Stop schlepping to the gym and waiting on line for fitness equipment. Save time for the things you really want to do.


Boxing Training

Boxing Training in Brooklyn and NYCBoxing training is a fun and exhilarating workout for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. It can be a part of your overall fitness program. Boxing training burns calories faster than you can count them, gets you aerobically fit, improves balance and coordination and will help you get that trimmer body you are looking for. If you have never put on a boxing glove, don’t worry. I will start you off slowly with excellent instruction. You will be amazed at the results.


Small Group Personal Training

Small Group Fitness Trainer BrooklynSmall group training is the ideal solution for people looking for the benefits of one-on-one personal training at a more economical cost. Group fitness training is ideal for two or three people. Exercise sessions are customized for each individual’s goals. Body weight exercises, tubing and TRX are some of the equipment I use.


TRX Suspension Training

Orange County News - Dec. 4, 2013Get into the best shape of your life with TRX Suspension Training. Developed by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick, TRX Suspension Training utilizes exercises that build strength, balance, stabilization, core involvement along with full body engagement. I can perform these exercises in your home or outdoors.